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The National Anthem's "Gold Standard" - NPR

The National Anthem's "Gold Standard​‌”

I am deeply touched by the support I have received over the years for singing our National Anthem.  I hope in a small way to promote a sense of unity of us as the American people. I hope, especially, to give back to our veterans who have paid the highest costs to preserve us and for their oaths to defend our Constitution.

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"Simply Amazing. Passion And Energy Fill The Room."
CBS Chicago
"Best. National. Anthem. Ever."
"Pretty Convinced Francis Scott Key Just Jumped Out of His Grave From That National Anthem. WOW!"
"Well, This Anthem Is Awesome! Best Of The Year. BCS Bowls Should Take Note!"
Presnapread's Paul Myerberg
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The National Anthem's "Gold Standard"
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